Instructions to Parents

  • Please read and understand the contents of this almanac and check it regularly for entries from the school. Also use the almanac for communication with the teachers.
  • Parents should furnish to the school their latest office and residential addresses and telephone numbers. These are vital in the interest of the safety of the student.
  • See that your ward carries textbooks/exercise books according to the time-table of the day. Parents must glance through the books, notebooks and answer papers of their children.
  • Parents should not call up teachers at their residence or at school unless it is a real emergency. The problems/doubts would be dealt with, by the school during visiting hours.
  • Children are prohibited from bringing crackers, colour etc. to the school. Bursting of crackers or playing with colors will make the student liable for suspension/expulsion from the school.
  • Boys must have a proper haircut. There will be a checking once a week.
  • In Case, of loss of student identity card a sum of Rs. 500/- (by cash) would be charges. Only after submitting the money a new identity card will be issued.
  • Under No Circumstances Parents are allowed to directly enter the class rooms. They Need to take prior appointment. In case there is a genuine reason, parents may meet the teachers in the visitors lounge only. No Queries will be entertained on phone.