Instructions to Parents

  • Please read and understand the contents of this almanac and check it regularly for entries from the school. Also use the almanac for communication with the teachers.
  • Parents should furnish to the school their latest office, residential address and telephone numbers. These are vital in the interest of the safety of the student.
  • See that your ward carries textbooks/exercise books according to the time – table of the day. Parents must glance through the textbooks, notebooks and answer papers of their children.
  • Parents should not call up teachers at their residence or at school unless it is a real emergency. The problems/doubts would be dealt by the school during visiting hours.
  • Children are prohibited from bringing crackers, colour powders etc. to the school. Bursting of crackers or playing with colours will make the student liable for suspension/expulsion from the school.
  • Boys must have a proper haircut. Regular checking will be conducted on every Monday.
  • In case of loss of student identity card, a sum of Rs 500/- (by cash) would be charged. Only after submitting the money, a new identity card will be issued.
  • Under no circumstances parents are allowed to directly enter the classrooms. They need to take prior appointment from the Headmistress. In case there is a genuine reason, parents may meet the teachers in the visitors lounge only. No queries will be entertained on phone.
  • How to Access/ Download Assignments?
    Parents can access all recent assignments on the dashboard.
    a. Click on the Academic menu.
    b. Click on Assignment / Circular.
    c. Choose Homework/ Activity/ Project/ Circular/ News from the drop-down menu and access/ download assignments.
  • 10. How to communicate with school?
    a. Click on the message menu.
    b. Select the “Internal Message” option
    c. Check the inbox.
    a. Click on the Compose button.
    b. Select contact’s user ID (class teacher / subject teacher)
    c. Type the message and attach the file (if any) & press send.