Fee Procedure

Admission from NCS to NCS

Tuition fees for the month in which Transfer Certificate is issued will be collection by the school issuing Transfer Certificate and notation to this effect will be made on the Transfer Certificate. Fees from the subsequent month will be collected by the next school in which the students has taken admission. In case the transfer is before the 10th the present school is to reimburse the full months annual fee. All the other fee categories to be paid as per school rules.

Admission from Non- NCS to NCS

when a student from schools other than NCS seeks admission into NCS, the tuition fees will be payable from the academic session. In addition, other yearly fees as applicable for new admission are also to be paid at the time of admission.

Caution Deposit

  • Application for refund of caution deposit should be made while applying for the Transfer Certificate.
  • Caution deposit will not be refunded, if the student is expelled from the school for any reason.