Co-curricular activities planned for the month of September 2015

The following co-curricular activities have been planned for the primary and secondary classes for the month of September 2015:

02.09.2015 – Memory Game – Classes I and II
Different objects will be kept on the table and students will be given 4 minutes to observe closely and remember and recollect before the judges.

02.09.2015 – Greeting Card Making – Classes III to V
03.09.2015 – Greeting Card Making – Classes VI to X
The topic is Teacher’s Day.
Students will have to bring the required materials including chart paper.
Criteria:- Aesthetic Appeal, Creativity and Neatness.

08.09.2015 – Hindi Calligraphy – Classes I and II
Students have to write the given text in their own style.
Criteria:- Legibility and Neatness.

08.09.2015 – Bookmark Making – Classes III to V
10.09.2015 – Bookmark Making – Classes VI to X
The following material have to be brought by the children:

  • The materials (chart paper/ satin ribbon/ handmade sheet/ magazine clipping/ old greeting card/ old concert ticket/ antique cloth) of the following size 2 inches (breath)  and 6 inches (length).
  • A thin ribbon of any colour and 12 inches length to be brought for making the tassel (tag).
  • Decoration items (beads, buttons, dry leaf, small decorating mirrors, sketch pens etc).

Criteria:- Creativity and Neatness.
Time:- 1.5 hrs

15.09.2015 – Bindi Pasting – Classes I and II
The students are requested to bring the Bindis. Decorating sheet will be provided by the school.

15.09.2015 – Collage Making Competition – Classes III to V
Students should bring chart papers, scissors, colours, newspaper, magazine clippings, glue sticks etc.