Registration forms are available for Category I to V with the school office in February/March of each year.


The order of priority for admission is as follows:

Category I Children of Serving Naval Personnel
Category II Children of Serving Army/IAF/Coast Guard Personnel who are on deputation to Navy
Category III Children of Retired Naval Personnel
Category IV Children of Retired IAF & Army Personnel
Category V Children of NCS Staff
Category VI Others

* For ‘Retired Personnel’ mentioned in category III and IV, Naval personnel with minimum 15 years of active service will be eligible. Personnel who do not qualify for this category will be accorded category VI.

Admissions are carried out as per dates promulgated by the school. Children of service personnel coming to INS Rajali on permanent transfer are given first preference.

For admission to LKG, a child should have completed 3 years of age as on 31st March of the year in which admission is sought.

For admission to Class I, students should have completed 5 years of age as on 31st March of the year in which admission is sought. Similarly, those seeking admission to other classes should fulfill the corresponding age requirement.

Admissions are done strictly on production of valid Birth Certificate of the child. No child more than the age bracket prescribed for a class would be admitted to the school.


By Parent:
One Calendar month’s notice is to be given with fees paid for the current month.

For Poor Academic Performance:
Poor performance in any class may be condoned in case of any genuine reasons like sickness, etc. but the student will be withdrawn from school in case of continued below average performance.

On Disciplinary Grounds: 
A student may be withdrawn from the school for bad conduct considered detrimental to school discipline and if the student’s continued presence is adjudged to be not in the interest of the School.

Non-Payment of Fees:
Non-Payment of fees by the student during the fee payment period will make the student liable for removal from the rolls. Readmission may be made subject to clearance of all dues and availability of seats.